Earth-1008: By the Maker

Years of defeat at the hands of Xavier and the X-men have caused Magneto to ally with Deathbird. The deadly pair gains control of the Shi'ar Empire by murdering Lilandra, Deathbird's sister.

Magneto wages a war against the X-men, nearly wiping them out. On the verge of death, Professor X transfers his sentience into Cerebro. Severely outmatched, the remaining X-Men enhance their abilities to God-like levels utilizing Forge's final invention.

"The People of the World"

Wolverine has a Hulk-like healing factor with a rage to match, Rogue's skin can't contact air without absorbing life energies for miles around her, Jubilee can level cities, Jean Grey has full Phoenix control, Colossus can control his density strength and body shape, and Storm is a sentient weather pattern.

Every mutant or meta has their powers absolutely maxed out -- a side effect of Xavier's last act.

"State of the World"

North America
Always forward thinking continent, all of North America seeks to integrate mutants, metas, and humans. Humans remain the ruling majority and remain in power in government.

South America
A haven for the metas and mutants changed beyond what humanity accepts as normal. The entire place is a black market, full of thieves, murderers, and freaks.

Russia, never one to boast many mutants, focuses on leading the field in technology. East Asia however has topped that, creating a wall of force the repels any trying to enter their space. They believe themselves safe from the mutant menace.

Karan Creed, once an X-man, was snuffed out when Isis was reborn within her. No longer a fragment of her powers, the goddess reigns in Egypt with Bast, Anubis, Osiris, Thoth, Ammon-Ra, and Shu.

The Black Panther and his family rule a race of half-panther, half-humans in Wakanda and Kenya.

The Egyptian gods weren't the only ones reborn. The Amazons and their Greek Pantheon are constantly at war with Egypt.

The Hellfire Club is a major presence in Great Britain, all god-like mutants who insist on reverting the country to something Victorian in thought and appearance.