Victorian Era

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Origins of History

When a race called, the Timebreakers stumbled upon an interdimensional viewing station, their tampering damaged and altered realities in the multiverse. One of theses damaged realities was Earth-473. Because time moves slower in Earth-473, the 19th century had hardly begun when their reality was altered. The alteration resulted in the emergence of Homo superior (mutants) many generations earlier than other dimensions.

World of 1878

Victorian England, 1878, ruled by Queen Victoria Alexandria and Prince Consort Albert. Given the restraint practiced by society at the time and lingering superstition of witchcraft, it is unknown how common mutants actually are. Well-known but never publicly discussed, mutants are the world's most open secret. Though largely negative, opinion is mixed. In the city, while some academic circles conjecture them to be heralds of "The True Age of Enlightenment", many whisper about lusus naturae (freaks of nature) or say nothing, but keep their attics locked. Ever practical, Victoria sees their use to the Empire and so privately approves of the "Children of the Enlightenment", modestly contributing to a certain two boarding schools. Lady Frost's Academy for Ladies and the Xavier School for Boys are both highly selective boarding schools of Blackheath, London. Being a mutant is their only basis of acceptance, however. In addition to an exceptional education, students receive training in the use of their powers. Together, Lady Frost and Mr. Xavier work towards the betterment of all mutantkind. Another society working towards to well-being of mutants is the Brotherhood of the Knights of the True Enlightenment. However this organization believes that mutants are destined to lead the world to an Enlightened, utopian society. One in which humans do not fit.

World System

The People of the World

Please read the Victorian Vamps for those interested in making a Genetic Vampire character, while those who prefer the Supernatural Vampires of Old, please refer to Pure Vampires page.

Kingdom of England
Queen Alexandrina Victoria (NPC)
Prince Consort Albert

Lady Frost's School for Ladies
Lady Emiliana Frost
Jean Grey
Aurora Monroe
Anna Marie Smith
Julia Lee

The Xavier School for Boys
Charles Xavier
Scott Somers
Warren Worthington III
Henry McCoy

The Brotherhood of Knights of the Enlightenment
Erik Magnus Lensherr
Peter Mason
Wanda Mason

The Hellfire Club
Red Queen: Emmalia Frost
Black Queen: Isis
Black King: Essex

The Lay of the Land