Welcome to The DC and Marvel Universe Guild NEW Wikia!

WELCOME The DC & Marvel Universe RP guild is the first and best place on gaia where your favorite comic book characters work together, play together, and fight together! You design the storylines! You create threads (Ultimate, Evolution, Infinite, Amalgam, medieval mutants, anything you can imagine)! We also have a numerous subforums to meet all your rping needs.

This guild is based on the DC and Marvel comics. These include all the DC off shoot comics like Image, Vertigo, and Wildstorm. Ultimates, Amalgams, alternate versions, deceased characters, and made ups welcome. To take part as a Dark Horse, Aspen, etc. character, please follow the same guidelines. Don't worry, you don't need to know about both DC & Marvel to join. The only character you need to know about is your own. The people in this guild thoroughly love their characters. If you join, I can guarantee that you will find a deeper appreciation for your character(s).

Still not sure if you want to join? Look at our number of members and the number of total posts as well as how long we've been around. After 1200 pages and a move to the GGN, the [X-MEN] guild became the [MARVEL UNIVERSE] Guild, then later changed over to the DC/Marvel Universe Guild! Welcome to the revamped guild! It's not that hard to tell how hard we rock.

We rock even harder now that we have our own wikia! Yes, that's right! But because people have had bad experiences with wikis in the past it's a private link that you will access once in the guild.

What makes this guild "literate"? For starters, we write our posts in novel format. That should be self-explanatory. No astericks or emoticons to indicate actions or speech. Also, the role players in here are dedicated and fair. That allows us to have immensely powerful characters like Superman or Phoenix and not wind up with a meltdown among members. THIS GUILD IS FOR MODERATE TO ADVANCED ROLE PLAYERS ONLY.


Character List: All characters are listed here.

Guild Worlds: All guild worlds are listed here.

Storylines and Current Events: Click here to get informed.

Gaming Guide: How to dice, build a character, and otherwise get into the game!

Current BannersEdit

The current banners always represent our current "main" storylines. Although we have dozens of stories going on at once (including private rps, alternate worlds, and personal or individual rps), there is always one over all storyline that affects the majority of the guild. The upcoming storyline involves the Lanterns tossed through a singularity through time and space into different worlds and dimensions.

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